It is good to know

With advertising mated several fascinating facts that I think will be of interest to many.

  • Every year around the world on advertising spend more $ 500 billion.
  • Pharmaceutical corporations spend 2 times more money on advertising campaigns, rather than the research itself.
  • The average citizen under the age of 65 years, on average, in all my life looked at more than two million commercials.
  • The average child in America watches more than 100 commercials a day, the largest amount of advertising is aimed at the youngest viewers.
  • The first advertisement appeared on the Internet in 1994, then was placed a banner on one of the sites.
  • In the Brazilian Sao Paulo will not see outdoor advertising. In 2007, was cleared of all signs and billboards on the initiative of the mayor of the city and the residents of this city.
  • The first billboard appeared in 1900, and then started a real boom in this kind of advertising.
  • Over the appearance of the food in the commercials has special food stylists that give a very appetizing meal.
  • The most expensive advertising campaign in history made $ 2.6 billion during the U.S. presidential election in 2008.
  • Corporations that are engaged in production of fast-food advertising spend an average of about $ 1.5 billion.
  • The largest billboard was erected in Kuwait. This building was 980 feet long and a total area of ​​11,760 square meters, a billboard advertised the opening of the future shopping center.

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