Privacy Policy

Nowadays, every company who provide their services on the Internet must adhere to a strict privacy policy. Online you can find a huge number of online shops, online bookmakers and casinos, search engines, social networking and much more. Each of the users of a service should feel safe in the network, so that all sites have a policy of confidentiality. In order to provide users with better services is collected and processed by a variety of information. Each user who intends to use the online services agrees to the terms of its processing of personal data. Therefore, by providing information about yourself such a service, we should always pay attention to whether this site adheres to a privacy policy. Each client provided the information is collected in two ways: - Information provided by the users themselves - Information obtained by using certain services. All personal data can not be used for any purpose other than those provided in the contract. Such sites should make every effort to protect users from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, and destruction of information that they have entrusted this site.

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